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Denton Engineering & Hydraulics has extensive experience and expertise in hydraulics and offers a wide range of hydraulic services under one roof including cylinder manufacture, modification, repair and refurbishment.

At Denton’s we remanufacture all cylinders according to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements where possible and provide firm quotations after assessing the scope of works. All machining, assembly and testing is conducted in our workshop assuring quality control over the finished product.

Our fully equipped hydraulic workshop is designed for the efficient dismantling, assessment, assembly, and testing of a wide range of hydraulic cylinders and components.


  • Hydraulic Cylinder Stripping bench – 12 metres long with 90,000 Ft Lb Torque
  • Hydraulic Test Bench – 3,500psi capabilities
  • NCylinder hone – 380mm x 6m
  • 2 x Hydraulic Test Rigs